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Milligram Sensory Japanese Incense Sticks

Take a break from your surroundings with Studio Milligram's captivating Japanese Incense. Brighten your space with fragrances from native botanicals, conjuring your choice of lush rainforests, sea-salt and earthy terroir to help clear your head, sharpen your senses or soothe your spirit.

  • Study of Trees conjures the dense aromatics of temperate old-growth forests, with notes of sandalwood, patchouli and white cypress.
  • Nocturne has the earthy feel of fire under Australian night skies, with notes of mandarin, coriander and buddhawood.
  • Overland draws on the wild expanse of Australian bushland, with citrus notes contrasting vegetal scents of nutmeg and vetiver.
  • With the crisp, salty-spray atmosphere of the rugged Australian shoreline, Shoal features notes of jasmine, grapefruit and fennel.
  • Inspired by garden sunsets of Australian summer nights, Ultraviolet is a lush, organic scent perfect for balance, joy and self esteem. A mass of flowers, overgrown and overflowing. Perfume hanging with the last clouds of the electric summer sky. Ultra vivid, ultra bold and ultra violet.

Set of 37 Incense Sticks.

Each stick is 95mm.

10-15 minute burn time.

Glass tube; sandalwood and bamboo incense stick.

Made from 100% pure & natural essential oil blend.