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George & Edi Standard Candle

Each George & Edi candle is poured by hand and crafted in Wanaka.  Made from natural soy wax with cotton braided wicks & premium fragrances (phthalate free).

Standard size - with approx. 50 hours burn time

Fragrances -

Fig: Plump ripe figs with bittersweet green leaves and notes of blackcurrant.  Fragrance family - GREEN.


French Pear: A timeless aroma of pears poached in a mix of spices. The scent of autumn.  Fragrance family - FRUITY


Havana: A seductive blend of musk & patchouli with warm spicy notes & wisps of tobacco.  Fragrance family - WOODY ORIENTAL


Oak Moss: Lush green moss mingled with oak and a hint of musk and amber.  Fragrance family - MOSSY WOODS


Peony: Peony blooms mingle with sharp notes of blackcurrant to create a floral that is neither cloying or too sweet. Fragrance family -€“ FLORAL


Vanilla & Anise: A magical blend of white florals, exotic spices, old leather and vetiver on a base of irresistible sweet vanilla.  No ordinary vanilla fragrance! Fragrance family - ORIENTAL


Black Orchid: A complex & moody little floral with layers of black orchids, violets & jasmine on a subtle base of sandalwood. Fragrance family -€“ FLORAL ORIENTAL

Liquorice - A complex and warm fragrance with rich undertones of anise, wood, and old leather

No.14 - a beautiful blend of smoky cypress, cedar wood, sandalwood and fresh lemon. Fragrance family - WOOD

Rhubarbe: a tart, fresh fruity fragrance of rhubarb and it’s bitter green leaves with elegant notes of rose. Fragrance family - FRUITY

Grapefruit & Mint - Bright and uplifting notes of bitter bergamot, grapefruit and a pop of wild thyme and fresh mint. Fragrance family - CITRUS

In Bloom - The essence of warm summer days in voluptuous bloom, this is the queen of white florals and she is intoxicatingand a little flirty. Fragrance Family - SOFT FLORAL

Bogart - Like Humphrey himself this fragrance is intense and passionate with hints of spice, musk and wafts of smokey incense. A most perfect fragrance for seduction and impromptu parties. Fragrance Family - WOODY ORIENTAL


Candle Care Tips


  • The first burn sets the candle's €˜burn memory: allow at least 4 hours for this & do not extinguish the flame until the wax has melted to the edges (nb: a hot room will achieve this faster than a cold room)
  • After the first burn, burn for a minimum of one hour but no longer than 3 hours.  This ensure the candle will burn to the edges and minimised the chance of flooring the wick.
  • If your candle starts to burn unevenly, it is most likely from a draught.  Turn the candle to even up the burn and then move to a different location.
  • Re-centre the wick after each burn, before the wax sets.
  • Trim wick to 5mm when the candle is cold & remove debris.
  • Keep candles upright & out of direct sunlight.  Soy wax has a low melt point and some oils will discolour in sunlight.

  • Burn times are approximate & depend on conditions (draughts will make the candles burn faster).


Customer Reviews

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Marg D.
G & E Candles

Discovered G&E products whilst down in Arrowtown. My most favorite is the Peony ....the rooms in my home have their beautiful aroma as one walks in.