Triumph & Disaster Mug and Shave

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Emblazoned with the instruction – 'swim out and meet it' and with a nod to sage advice everywhere, Triumph & Disaster is bringing some of their own. Reminiscent of handed down wisdom presented to so many throughout the ages, those pieces of guidance that say, embrace the challenge, take life head on, attack the day, indeed, ‘Swim out & Meet it’.

The Mug and Shave Cream combo is T&D’s way of acknowledging that we not only listened, but are true advocates that the right preparation will set the tone for the day and help get the job done right. At the very least, the mug provides us something from which to take a wee dram on our next clean shaven adventure.

So rather than giving that piece of sage advice to a friend, why not embrace the opportunity, 'swim out and meet it' and give a mug instead.