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Ico Traders Benmore Bench Seat - Dark Moss

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The Benmore Bench Seat from Ico Traders will live happily throughout your home & garden - it's size, shape and versatility enables it to sit easily at dining tables (both inside & outside), at the end of your bed, or for use as a statement piece in your hall or entrance way. 

Before powder coating, every wire is sprayed with a special PVDF base to ensure durability & rust resistance.  This makes them suitable for use both indoors & in sheltered outdoor areas.

The moveable solid metal plate creates multifunctional options - sit the plate on top of the wire seat to create a stable place to sit cups & glasses, place the plate on the bottom rungs to create a space to hold shoes, books, & plants, or remove completely for a sleeker look.


Extra metal plates are sold separately, enabling you to add more as you need.


Measures 150cm long x 36 deep x 46 high.


Also available to be ordered in - Black, White & Tobacco