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George & Edi Perfumed Tealights - Set of 6

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George & Edi Tealights are hand poured and made in Wanaka and crafted from natueral soy wax with premium fragrances and cotton braided wicks. The tealight cups are made from polycarbonate plastic which can be recycled when finished by removing the wick stand. 

The tealights are beautifully packaged in George & Edi's signature hand-drawn botanical paper bags, with six tealights per pack. 

Burn time is approx five hours per tealight. 

Fragrances -

Fig – Plump ripe figs with bittersweet green leaves and notes of blackcurrant.  Fragrance family - GREEN.

French Pear – A timeless aroma of pears poached in a mix of spices.  The scent of autumn.  Fragrance family - FRUITY

Havana – A seductive blend of musk & patchouli with warm spicy notes & wisps of tobacco.  Fragrance family – WOODY ORIENTAL

Oak Moss – Lush green moss mingled with oak and a hint of musk and amber.  Fragrance family – MOSSY WOODS

Peony – Peony blooms mingle with sharp notes of blackcurrant to create a floral that is neither cloying or too sweet. Fragrance family – FLORAL

Vanilla & Anise – A magical blend of white florals, exotic spices, old leather and vetiver on a base of irresistible sweet vanilla.  No ordinary vanilla fragrance!  Fragrance family – ORIENTAL

Black Orchid – A complex & moody little floral with layers of black orchids, violets & jasmine on a subtle base of sandalwood. Fragrance family – FLORAL ORIENTAL

Liquorice - A complex and warm fragrance with rich undertones of anise, wood, and old leather

No.14 - a beautiful blend of smoky cypress, cedar wood, sandalwood and fresh lemon. Fragrance family - WOOD 

Rhubarbe – a tart, fresh fruity fragrance of rhubarb and it’s bitter green leaves with elegant notes of rose. Fragrance family - FRUITY

Grapefruit & Mint - Bright and uplifting notes of bitter bergamot, grapefruit and a pop of wild thyme and fresh mint. Fragrance family - CITRUS

In Bloom - The essence of warm summer days in voluptuous bloom, this is the queen of white florals and she is intoxicatingand a little flirty. Fragrance Family - SOFT FLORAL

Bogart - Like Humphrey himself this fragrance is intense and passionate with hints of spice, musk and wafts of smokey incense. A most perfect fragrance for seduction and impromptu parties. Fragrance Family - WOODY ORIENTAL