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Ester & Erik Danish Cone Candles 22cms

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These beautiful Ester & Erik Danish candles are found in stylish homes and sold in design stores all over the world.


Ester & Erik's beautiful cone shaped candles burn with a clean and bright flame, are non-drip (provided not exposed to a draft) and are additionally self-extinguishing.


Burn time: 13 hours.

Height 22cms

Diameter: 4 cm.


In Denmark, the lit candle is a gathering point that will create an atmosphere and make any occasion a special one. Owing to the country’s dark winter months, traditions run deep in Denmark when it comes to the craft of high-quality candle-making.


In 1987, Ester and Erik Møller (husband and wife) launched a production of hand-dipped candles. Their vision was to pay tribute to the proud traditions of candle making by creating the finest and most elegant candles. Since then, Ester & Erik have refined the traditional techniques and created a much loved brand.